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Learn more about Trauma Focused Hypnotherapy from the instructors themselves - Zac and Jesse!
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Initial Meetings

Saturday, June 25th @ 1100-1200
Monday, June 27th @ 1900-2000

Class Starts

August 1st, 2022 (Time TBD)
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Format Options

Option 1

  • 3 hr sessions
    • 3 hrs once a week
    • One 9 hour session on a Saturday

Option 2

  • 4 hr sessions
    • 12.5 weeks
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The training meets Florida Dep. of Health requirements for a 491 board licensed clinician to become a “Certified Hypnotherapist”. That means it consists of 50 hrs of topically specific CEUs, a practical aspect (included in the 50hrs) and a certificate giving you the credentials of “Certified Hypnotherapist” (“CHt” after your name and before your license credentials).


  • Text and Other Materials: Every student will need to purchase the TFH Manual. This can be purchased through Amazon or directly from the TFH staff. The cost is $100. 
  • Methods of Evaluation: All required content dissemination will happen through direct instruction or practical examples in the class. There is an extended reading resource at the end of the manual as well as a list of Ericksonian videos on the TFH YouTube.com station. 
  • Make-Up Work Course Policy: 
    • Attendance Course Policy: All students are required to attend the scheduled class meetings. If there is an emergency or a reason why the student can not come, there will be an opportunity to make up required hours at the end of the course period. 
  • Course Evaluations: Course evaluations are will be given out at the last meeting, they will be handed in by the end of that meeting. A particular student will be elected to collect the evaluations at the end of the last class and return them to the instructor as to maintain confidentiality.

Topics Covered

  • Conceptual 
    • Week 1 Concepts and misconceptions of hypnosis 
    • Week 2 Basic relaxation techniques utilizing hypnosis: light trance vs deep trance Week 3 Hypnotic induction techniques and contraindications 
    • Week 4 Relationship of personality dynamics to hypnosis: personality theory and basic MBTI Week 5 Relationship of psychopathology to hypnosis: In depth therapy 
    • Week 6 Relationship of psychopathology to hypnosis: For behavioral and brief therapy Week 7 Relationship of ethical issues to hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy: Basic ethics 
    • Week 8 Relationship of ethical issues to hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy: Power differentials 
  • Practical 
    • Week 9 Basic Induction and Depotentiation 
    • Week 10 Deepening the experience while in 1) light, 2) medium and 3) deep trance Week 11 Basic Ericksonian theory, NLP, and new ideas on bilateral stimulation Week 12 Hypnotic Transference, Countertransference, and resistance 
    • Week 13 Techniques in memory loss and recovery 
    • Week 14 Techniques in pain reduction 
    • Week 15 Techniques in habituation, substance abuse, and smoking cessation Week 16 Techniques in treating sexual dysfunction and treating phobias 
    • Week 17 Clinical application: art and science
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