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Trauma Focused Hypnotherapy

How to unlock your potential from within. Learn the methods and principles of Milton Erickson for personal and professional use.

About Trauma Focused Hypnotherapy

Milton Erickson is the father of modern hypnosis.  Originally trained as a medical doctor and then a psychiatrist, Erickson used his personal experience to create and train others in Ericksonian hypnosis, which is what is currently used to treat pain, anxiety, and an array of other psychological issues.  Milton Erickson developed the method of hypnosis that is most effective at causing change within an individual.

Milton Erickson developed hypnosis as a technique and he always taught that each practitioner should develop their own theory and style of doing hypnotherapy.   For this reason, hypnosis is considered atheoretical. Milton Erickson considered himself to be atheoretical in his approach to psychology. Rather than subscribing to one school of thought over another on how a person’s issues came to be, he believed that one must look at the patient before them and assess what could help them the most.

Hypnosis is a technique, not a theoretical orientation.  Psychodynamists, Cognitive-Behaviouralists, Gestaltists, Adlerians, and any of the other practitioners who believe in a particular orientation could continue to believe in their choice theory while using hypnotherapy to advance the needs of the client/patient.  A therapist can hypnotize the client, take the content discovered, and then filter it through the theoretical lens.

Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson

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